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My name is Ali and I love to draw, crochet, and play video games. This is a place for both my original work and fan art!
I created Faustine to exist in a world of fairytale characters. So, I thought I'd answer some of these questions on my journal, since the subject of fairytales and folklore mean a lot to me. I recommend reading the article… .

1)What is your favorite classic fairy tale and why do you suppose it has a special significance for you?

When I was a child, I think my favorite story was Disney's Beauty and the Beast. For whatever reason, I always enjoyed dark and moody characters. Grumpy Bear, Eeyore, Oscar the Grouch, Batman-- any character that seemed to have issues, I gravitated towards. I'm sure that says something about me. lol I interpret the story as a lesson in self-control, kindness, and judging someone by their character-- not by their apperance.

2) How do you feel about Snow White and Alice in Wonderland becoming armored women warriors in their latest film retellings?  Is this an empowerment of women?

I love it! As much as I enjoy fairytales, far too often are the women portrayed in a "traditional" sense. Be beautiful. Fall asleep. Wake up, and there's your prince charming! Our world is a violent and chaotic place, and I think that reflects in these stories, and its not just men who have to fight against evil but women as well-- you could say even more so than men have to. I think its very empowering to put these characters, who we often think of as soft and gentle, and instead of giving them flowers, we give them a sword and a suit of armor.

3)Is there a particular fairy tale that terrified you as a child?

I can't really think of one that terrified me. I thought Red Riding Hood was a little awful because the wolf gets cut open by the woodsman. That's disgusting. And again... it kind of gets back to the whole... here-comes-a-strong-man-to-save-you theme. I mean, obviously Red Riding Hood KNEW something was up. That's like when you get that strange feeling in your stomach when you meet someone who's kind of shady. You just know something is wrong. I'd like to see a version where she's the one to save Grandma. And the lumberjack. And maybe not butcher the wolf but instead refer him to a nice therapist.

Most recently I read a story called Catskin. It was about a queen who is dying, and at her deathbed she tells her husband that he can't remarry a woman who's any less beautiful as she. After her death, the king comes to the conclusion that he must marry his daughter, since she's the only one who comes close to her mothers beauty. Everyone in the kingdom, including the church, condemns the decision-- but he pays no heed to their concerns. The princess flees her father and goes to live in the wild. She covers herself in furs and becomes unrecognizable to those who see her. ....Somehow she's exposed for who she really is and brought back to the king. And they get married. The End.

I thought that was the most sad and awful ending to a fairytale that I've ever read.

4)Is there a particular fairy tale that excited your imagination and lifted your heart?

I have this book of Italian folklore, and there's a story called Froth. In the story, the wife of a sailor becomes a king's love interest, and her husband discovers her infedility. He's so angry that he attempts to kill her by tying her up and throwing her into the ocean. My favorite part of this story is that she's rescued by sirens and given the name Froth.

I can't quite remember the rest without pulling out the book and looking at it, but eventually her husband regrets his decision and goes looking for her in the siren kingdom. They forgive each other, and through some trials they eventually both go back to their home together.

I'm not sure how I feel about the story. But I really enjoyed seeing sirens, who are often thought of as sinister and ruthless creatures, taking pity and rescuing a human woman, and basically bringing her in as one of their own.  

5)In your view which popular film, book or video game has most misrepresented or tortured the essence of a classic fairytale?

Uuuuuhm... I'm not completely fond of the Snow White movies because they consistently leave out her sister Rose Red. I'm not sure why? I think it would make for a great story about the bond between sisters if they included her.

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